Any project - no matter how big or small.

                                  With top of the line gear,

                                                                 creative environment

skill and experience

to capture your talents and creativity!

Rates start at $55/hr 2hr minimum. Mixing and mastering services available.


When you record with us you get full access to all of our equipment, facility, and

an expert engineer. We are not like some studios who say

you have to have the song mixed with us. At the end of your session we can provide you with all the session files or

you can let us do our magic. Mixing fees are always looked at case  by case.

Some songs take longer than others so we need to asses each project individually. 


For inquiries on gear specifics or to book time, contact us or simply call 770-378-7938:

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Or give George a call at 770-378-7938 or email us at