The Blogosphere!

Welcome to the first of many 5/4 blog posts! 

I am Steven Jarvis, one of the studio engineers at 5/4 Music Space. 

I have been writing on music for quite awhile now. 5+ years maybe? 

The 5/4 team had the idea to start doing these blog posts as a way to further educate people on everything music. 5/4 is set up as a "Music Incubator". Essentially, it is a safe place for creatives to come and make art.

5/4 has one goal: to facilitate/develop musical art. 


Some of these posts will be technical in nature in order to further educate young artists. 

Some will be simple updates on day to day happenings here at 5/4.

Some will be about creative practices or maybe songwriting.

We plan to talk a little bit about EVERYTHING that we do here.

With this in mind, we begin our new blog! 


Blogosphere #1: Reviewing the AKG Perception 220 Condenser Mic

I chose this mic as the first topic simply because it was the first condenser mic that I ever owned. It has a special place in my heart because I bought this microphone before I even knew that I wanted to pursue audio production.



The Perception 220 is a fixed cardioid, large diaphragm FET condenser mic. It's frequency response ranges from 20-20,000Hz and is fairly flat. In theory, it could be a perfect vox microphone in a studio setting because of how flat the response is. 

Here is a picture of the graphed response:,m.923034.html

It is also a nice overhead. 
I've only used it as a single overhead, but a matching pair would sound delicious because of where the peak sits on the high frequencies(somewhere between 10 and 11k).
It's got a high pass filter or bass rolloff switch that will bring down the lows starting at about 300Hz. 
It also has a pad switch that brings it down -20dB which has led me to experiment with it in live situations. It works great as a live overhead, room mic, and Bass Cab mic.

It comes with a shock mount and a decent plastic carrying case. It is on sale for 150$ new. When I purchased it a few years back, I think it was closer to 250$. 150$ for this microphone is a steal.

My favorite thing about this mic is that I've yet to get tired of it. As it is a 150$ microphone, that is a big deal! 
I also love that it gives so much freedom to E.Q. in post! Equally captured frequencies are incredibly helpful when doing a large mix! 
Where the highs are smoothly accented in the response, it is also able to capture very natural sounds. I love using it to record live acoustic sessions. Great for catching the dynamic of the room.
This mic was recommended to me by a friend and fellow sound engineer years ago. I bought it as my first condenser. It still finds it's way into most of my studio projects somehow or another.

I highly recommend it to anyone looking for a new mic to add to their collection but especially to those who are new to the world of pro audio and in need of a first decent and decently priced condenser mic. It is all around trust worthy.

- Price Point; It will pay for itself in one session.
- Flat Frequency Response makes it very versatile.
- Very smooth sound. 
- Great overhead.
- Great Vocal mic(in a studio setting).
- Great room mic.

- DO NOT BOTHER trying to mic guitar cabs. It hasn't a great response to higher SPL's.
- A little sensitive. Even for a condenser.
- The High Pass filter cuts too much out and starts to affect the warmth of the sound.
- Figuring out the proper time to use the pad versus volume or gain cuts can be tricky. There is something about it's character that causes this. It could just be me, though.