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Wire We Doing What We Do?

An Incubator is a Place new Ideas are Born! The 5/4 Management Group has initiated a plan to return Macon Georgia to the center of the Music world. 5/4 is founding a music incubator to serve the interests of new artists. The 5/4 Management Group is a collaborative team committed to serving the cultural interests of musicians and songwriters in Macon and Middle Georgia. 5/4 is composed of a team of experienced musical producers, sound engineers, musicians and songwriters. The composition of 5/4 Management is designed to maximize the commercial potential of any aspiring or established artist.

5/4 provides artists with rehearsal space, a showcase venue, recording facilities, record and music distribution, and artist management, all in house. From the conception of an artist’s music to the recording and touring support needed for an album to succeed, 5/4 provides a pathway for success in the music industry. We believe that everyone in Georgia will benefit both culturally and financially from new contributions to Macon’s place in music history. The first 11 musical artists to sign with 5/4 Management will hold the first 11 commitments from the New Capricorn Recording Studio, opening in 2019. A powerful music industry in central Georgia will bring much needed revenue from festival attendance and expanded tourism. Macon’s musical history has done a great deal to contribute to tourism in middle Georgia. Investment in 5/4 Management Group is a direct investment in the future of Macon.

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